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Power plant Capacity 5 kwp
Customer: Raghavendra Mandira, Kinnigoli, Dakshina Kananda, Karnataka
Solar PV Panels: EMVEE
Solar Inverter: Delta
Type: On grid Net metering PPA with MESCOM
Date of Commissioning: 9-Nov- 17


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Customer Benefits:

  • Average savings of 30-50% on Monthly Electrical Bills

  • Investment on BOOT model funded by Investor , zero initial investment by Customer

  • Solar Roof top power plant coupled in parallel with current system, no changes made

  • In case of Solar power plant outage – no effect on customer system – continues to run with MESCOM power

  • The Customer is also protected from the year over year increase in MESCOM power charges, since there is minimal escalation of power charges payable to the Investors

  • Option of transfer of power plant to customer, so that the customer can enjoy the benefits of low cost reliable power for the rest of the 25 years

 Power plant installed on BOOT basis

  • Customer has signed PPA for net metering with MESCOM for 25 years , where they will get paid at existing rate for the excess power exported (after own consumption for full month) to MESCOM every month.
  • Customer signs a MOU with Investors for 15 to 25 years – where Investors will fund the Solar Roof top power plant and recover the revenue from the power plant in monthly payments
  • Total cost of Solar power plant funded by Investors – with mix of Equity and Debt, zero initial investment by Customer
  • The Customer passes on the exported power income to the Investors – for Investors to recover the returns on their investment
  • The Customer also pays a reduced rate per unit of power to the investors for their self consumption of power- whereby they will save 30-50% of their monthly electric bill ( with zero investment)
  • The Investor takes care of the Operation of the maintenance of the power plant during the term of their MOU
  • After initial lock in period of 5 to 7 years – the ownership Roof top power plant ( with life of 25 years) can be transferred to the Customer at mutually agreed terms

Projects executed/ ongoing

  • Detailed system Engineering and Project Coordination for 280 kWp Solar Roof top based plant in Chennai
  • Engineering and project coordination for small Solar Roof top power plants in Karnataka ( 5-15 kW)
  • Preliminary engineering and concept design for 18 MW Micro-grid system with Generators and Energy Storage Systems for mine site- Australia
  • Pre Bid Feasibility and Engineering for land based 3 MW  Solar PV based power plant – India
  • Process plant Instrumentation and  safety systems design for Industrial plant – Australia
  • Detailed Engineering, RFQs, compilation of full EPC  cost roll up for 650 kWp peak  Solar Power plant in Myanmar

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