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  • Product Development Strategy – linking the market needs to product line offering
  • Collecting/ Updating Customer requirements and Market Requirements
  • Assessing the current local /regional Material availability, Process capability, Skill levels
  • Developing Product Specifications for first Gen and next generation Products/ Services
  • Develop multiple concepts – evaluate and fine tune top 2-3 concepts to match requirements
  • Complete proof of concept/ proto demo/test, robust engineering and production readiness, incorporate in final design, additional validation as required
  • Develop Production readiness plan for supply chain, operations and release final drawings, Bill of Material (BOM), process docs
  • Complete Marketing Tech information, product Support readiness plan, parts & service support and move to production


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  • Process Development Strategy – linking the customer needs to process architecture
  • Collecting/ Updating Customer requirements and prioritizing Requirements
  • Assessing the current local /regional services availability, Process capability, Skill levels
  • Developing Process Specifications for first Gen and next generation
  • Develop multiple concepts – evaluate and fine tune top 2-3 concepts to match requirements
  • Run proof of concept/ pilot, utilize robust techniques and user feedback, incorporate in final process configuration, additional validation as required
  • Develop operational readiness plan for team members, external partners and vendors , identify and complete training for all team members
  • Complete support plan, marketing plan and communication to customers and channel partners
  • Roll out of new process and /or transition from existing to new process

Services we offer our customers

  • Measure and analyze current business performance, coordinate improvements and monitor performance metrics, and implement ongoing process management mechanisms

  • Leveraging business analytics for understanding productivity, quality, delivery issues, and utilize simple metrics for tracking and improving performance

  • Analyze current business processes to identify waste and cost reduction opportunities using lean process management and Six Sigma tools

  • Business Strategy Development and deployment aligned with organization's long term goals and medium term goals, utilizing the organization's strengths while addressing current and upcoming challenges

  • Cascade organizational strategy, strategic action items and long term goals down to division level business metrics and annual targets that can be measured perodically

  • Develop new products and processes with optimized cost and resource utilization while meeting customer requirements - using Design for Six Sigma tools

  • Streamline projects through efficient Project Management techniques for adhering to budget and time lines

  • Corporate training in Six Sigma, Lean processes, Value Stream mapping and transformation, new product and process introduction

  • Academic seminars on advantages of Business Analytics, 6 Sigma and Lean methodology in business processes and business growth

Domains We Serve

Manufacturing - OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and Medium and Small industries 

Process mapping, tracking and improving quality metrics, work load leveling, improvement workshops, APQP techniques, understanding part special characteristics, applying six sigma and lean tools such as pareto, control charts, box plots,  FMEA, 5S, root cause corrective actions, generating and implementing ideas for improvement, capacity planning and cost reduction


Supply chain  - Sourcing, Purchasing , Logistics and after market support

Measuring current supplier performance, Capacity planning, measuring critical supplier performance metrics,process mapping & waste reduction,  warehouse planning, tracking and reducing procurement cycle times, anticipating and managing spikes in demand, reducing transport and binning time, measuring deliveries to point of use, narrowing down system issues, mismatches & grief, automated storage location allocation


Information Technology - Service Management and Development

 Process mapping, measuring performance, prioritizing issues, Root cause identification, corrective actions, setting up controls for process monitoring, Developing functional requirements, project plans , develop test plans,. FMEAs and release planning

Design & Development - Systems, components and process designs

Collecting Voice of Customer , Voice of Business, compiling QFD of requirements, developing functional and technical specifications for system, sub-system & parts, bench marking,  developing multiple concepts, Design of Experiments, selecting best concept with Pugh analysis, multiple generation plans,  design for manufacturing & assembly, robust design, failure prediction, FMEA, prototype development, testing , validation , production readiness checks and release


Transactional Services - HR , Financial and ITES

Identifying talent needs, recruiting cycle times and bottlenecks, developing road map for long term talent development and retention, leveraging outsourcing, processing time for financial processes, records management


Marketing - Market research, Customer segmentation , Product/Service Configuration

Compiling historic market information, forecasting market trends and market share, segmentation of customer by different criteria, matching base product configuration to customer needs, leveraging optional features to maximize revenue, optimizing product to adhere to global regulations