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Upcoming Trainings

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training in Bangalore.              
  • Lean Techniques and Kaizen Workshop in Bangalore  
  • Design for Six Sigma Techniques                                    
  • Six Sigma for Leaders                                           

Training Offered

We offer standard and customized training in the area of Business Process Improvement, Six Sigma, Lean methodology, Product  development and Process development.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training 

Green Belt training provides the outline of the six sigma DMAIC process, basic tools, data collection and analysis methods, troubleshooting, generating improvement ideas, change management, risk management and implementing the solutions.

Who will benefit: Team members with 2-5 years domain expertise, Team leads, supervisors and project leaders

Basic of Lean methodology 

Lean methodology is an approach to develop end to end understanding of any business process, identify the activities that customer value and try to minimize or eliminate other non value added activities. Training covers topics -simple value stream mapping techniques, rolled through put yield, techniques for identifying and eliminating waste such as 5S, spaghetti diagrams, Why-why analysis, Poke yoke

Who will benefit: Cost reduction project leads,  Teams involved in processes with multiple hand offs (within & outside their organizations), outsourced processes, matrix organizations

Six Sigma Black Belt training

Black Belt training covers the DMAIC method in detail from project scoping, listing customer requirements, process mapping, data collection, statistical methods and tools, root cause analysis, improvement ideas, concepts evaluation, down selecting solutions, managing teams, cultural impacts, change management, risk identification & mitigation, control plans and replication. The training also covers management reviews and periodic reporting.

Who will benefit: Team leads with at least 5+ years domain expertise, line managers, project leaders and other potential leaders

Six Sigma Project Management

Six Sigma Project Management covers all aspects of projects from understanding the strategic actions and long term goals of the business unit to supporting and overseeing the project handover after completion. The topics include prioritizing projects, project chartering, providing resources, support team with periodic guidance, watch scope and time lines, help with change management, drive financial discipline in outcomes, help implementation and encourage replication projects.

Who will benefit: Division and business unit managers, Process excellence managers, senior management, Leaders who are responsible for implementing strategic initiatives 

Leveraging Business Analytics for improvement and growth

Training will cover developing or understanding your business goals and strategy, map your strategic action items and long term goals to your day to day business processes, develop simple metrics, review historical data, collect data on your metrics,  identify tools for data analysis,  understand the business performance levels and identify the gaps and areas for improvement, develop improvement ideas and implement solutions.

Who will benefit: Business unit heads, Strategy deployment managers, leaders who coach project managers, Process excellence managers

New Product Development 

This product development training combines the six sigma techniques for product development with cost effective needs of the emerging market customer base. Topics covered are collecting customer requirements, consolidating product requirements, bench marking with marketplace, generating concepts, evaluating and selection, robust design, optimizing for cost, prototype development, validation and production release

Who will benefit: Product development teams, Team leads, Program Managers

New Process Development 

Training leverages lean and six sigma methods to help understand the customer needs and map the process steps, identify critical process requirements, list resources required, implement risk mitigation,  quality gates and list training needs for team. Additional topics covered are- evaluate automation opportunities, identify any redundancies or waste, potential technology update and trouble shooting process issues

Who will benefit: Teams involved in transactional services, supply chain services , Information technology services, manufacturing processes and design services

Training Programs for Achieving Excellence in Business Processes

Outlines of some of our Training Programs