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   Our Valuable Customers:

  • Caterpillar India Private Limited ( Six Sigma Project Management,  Strategy Development and Training)
  • WABAG India (Infrastructure Process Improvement and Automation)
  • Bureau Veritas India (Corporate Six Sigma Training) 
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, USA ( Process Excellence, Six Sigma Projects)
  • Engineering Institute of Technology, Australia ( Industrial Automation projects and Training) 
  • Nuance Group India- Airport Retail ( Process Set up, Process Excellence and Automation)

 Our Projects in Process Improvement - with Lean and Six Sigma Techniques

Food Supply Chain service provider

Complete documentation of processes for Internal and External compliance, implemented process management software and establihshed dashboards for management reporting
Certified Used PC refurbishing process 

Established complete procurement process, Inspection Process, Sales process and Service process for client who provides refurbished Laptops and PCs after a rigorous rebuild process

 Other Lean and Six Sigma Projects

Supply Chain -Bottleneck at warehouse inwarding point
The average material inwarding time for imported goods at a warehouse were reduced from 9 days to 2 days by documenting the time taken for each process step and highlighting the documentation bottleneck, which was fixed with advance information and some parallel processing. This resulted in not only huge time saving for the supply chain but freed up 40% of open yard space which was used to store the material waiting to be inwarded, not to mention the recduction in damaged goods due to open storage
Supply Chain - Reduction in parts back order age for warehouse
A project to systematically identify the top 10 suppliers with excessive parts back orders into a supply chain entry point warehouse helped to identify root causes of delays and discrepancies in electronic purchasing system database, reduced backlog by more than half and improved faster revenue realization with on time shipping for the warehouse


Manufacturing- Machine Shop - Levelling Work load

Capacity planning for various parts to be machined on a series of four axis CNC machines in plant were rationalised based on the cycle time for each process step of the parts and the volume of the parts to be machined. Six Sigma data stratification helped to allocate the scare machining resources for critical operations in-house while marking non-critical operations for out sourced operations

Design & Development - Product Design – optimized cost and enhanced productivity
In the project launch stage collection of Voice of Customers from various segments helped to finalize optimal design specifications for bucket of earth moving machine, then after multiple concepts where developed – Design of Experiments and virtual evaluation helped to shortlist the best design and then go straight for prototype development of the bucket. Robust design techniques were used to strengthen the design for noise parameters to ensure that the product would be suitable for different applications in different parts of the world, while providing a cost effective design
Information Technology- Develop global metrics reporting system
A six sigma project was chartered to develop a simple global metrics reporting system for about 35 locations, to replace an existing legacy system. A detailed collection of Voice of Customers and Business allowed to arrive at the functional requirements, Six sigma principles were used to evaluate the concepts, down select the best system and develop the package, user testing and historcal data were used to evaluate the system and reslve issues. The new system was smoothly introduced to production gloabally resulting in reduction of 50-75% time for users and freeing up system capacity on servers while providing the management with real time high quality business reports in graphical format
Information Technology - Building core competence & Improving Resource utilization
An ERP implementation group with multiple projects to be implemented used historical data and six sigma techniques to map the resource requirement in different modules and level of competency required. This helped the group to identify and build critical core competence areas inhouse while utilizing flexible reources for basic modules. The team also conducted scenario analysis to match high demand situations while developing contingency plans for low market conditions. The long term strategy also helped to build the future talent pipeline for the core competence centers
Transactional services- Improving productivity by eliminating reporting errors
A team handling good receipt documents into various warehouses globally was facing huge pile of grief in the system due to various reasons, the issues were climbing in numbers every month. The team used six sigma to analyze the data on the grief and stratified the issues into supplier issues, system issues, purchase documentation issues and others. This helped to drastically reduce the grief levels within 2 months and allowed redployment of resources in other critical areas
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