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Opportunities in Product Development and Process Improvement

Our businesses have transformed over the years and new businesses have evolved, the pace of businesses has increased tremenduosly,and we have adopted a new technologies and management techniques rapidly. In these rapid transformations our product designs, business  processes and procedures have not been fully explored and tapped for maximizing productivity and reducing non value added features and activities. These opportunities that exists in all domains - Manufacturing, IT, Supply Chain, Transactional, Design and Development, Marketting and others, offer significant direct saving up to 30-40% to the bottom lines with minimal extra efforts-if we use right tools and techniques. 

What can we do about it......

We at Vineeti Consultants are passionate about improvements in all aspects of business that can be realized quickly by simple tools and techniques, rather than complex and expensive improvement exercises. We believe in matching products and services to the various customer requirements in different segments and domains at the most effective cost and superior quality.

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How we serve our customers at Vineeti Consultants

We  provide end to end management consultancy and tehnical consultancy services with integrated consulting, design, automation and monitoring in the areas such as Process Improvement for Excellence, Business Strategy Development and Execution, Leveraging Business Analytics for growth, Productivity & Cost reduction, Deploying Six Sigma and Lean methodology and Product and Process design for various applications - Industrial Process plants, Power Plants, Off highway equipment, Medical Devices and others. Our cost effective services are customized for Corporates, Medium and Small companies to develop long term partnerships to ensure our customer's success.

Product Development

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Product Design and Development requires combining useful features for customers with cost effective inputs and domain expertise to get the right product, on time, within cost to the market. We provide end-to-end consulting and partnering for product development in various domains such as  Power plants, Indsutrial Process plants, Off highway equipment and Medical Devices. We have executed product development projects from Concept to Production for various applications utilizing Design for Six Sigma, Robust Engineering and APQP techniques. 

Process Improvement

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Business Process Development has traditionally evolved on incremental basis with changes in user requirements and technology up-gradation –however there is a major potential for realizing much higher productivity and quality with lean processes and the right use of technology and tools in all domains We have executed Process improvement projects in services and manufacturing by utilizing the global best practices of BPM and Lean Six Sigma along with right level of automation to deliver significant gains in productivity and quality and improve capacity utilization


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Business Processes are evolving rapidly from traditional techniques to more structured methods which needs enhancing skill requirements of the workforce to meet higher productivity and quality goals at reduced cost. We offer various training programs for Team Members, Team leads , Project Managers and Leaders of business from manufacturing and services domains in the areas of Lean Six Sigma, Product/ Process Development, Project Management and Business Problem Solving

Domains we Serve

  • Product Development Organizations
  • Manufacturing and Process plants 
  • Healthcare and Medical Devices
  • Infra EPC Projects
  • Transactional Services
  • Supply Chain

Our Commitment to


  • End to end services with long term partnerships 
  • Customized domain specific services 
  • Global best practices with a practical Indian approach
  • Effective Risk and change management techniques 
  • Cost Effective and results based collaboration
  • Develop a positive culture and leadership team

Areas of Focus

  • Business Process Management - Lean Process Improvements, Automation, metrics mapping and reporting
  • Strategy development and deployment 
  • Executing new projects with Six Sigma -DMAIC, DFSS and Lean techniques
  • Training programs in Six Sigma, Lean and Process Excellence 
  • Leveraging Data Analytics for Product and Process Improvement